Monday, 25 June 2012

Busy Hands

Two new signs for two new little ones.
On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting little Alice, she turned the grand old age of 22 days!
She was tiny and cute with a fine, downy head of hair and did a little bit on snoring while we were sipping tea. New mummy Riem had said she was using purple, red and yellow to decorate her room and this playful Liberty fabric fitted perfectly.

Congratulations Riem & Sam she is beautiful!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Side Project

Just to keep my fingers busy, I thought making lots of little origami boat brooches would be fun. Then I agonised over how to present these little folded creations. Hand cut brown card, with a hand cut felt heart and a hand hammered eyelet! Phew they turned out to be hard work! 

You can check out my listing on Etsy if you like them they're only $7.50 for 3!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sold Out!

Hello All! I am back after a long break doing kitchen reno's and enjoying the festive season. Now that my work room is no longer a store room for almost the entire contents of the apartment, things are back to normal and I can start crafting again Yay!

But can you believe the supplier has sold out of my previous background floral and I have used all mine up! (I should have known I wasn't the only one who loved it). In its place I have found this beautiful Liberty's of London floral to use. It is equally as gorgeous, has lots of pretty pinks, a hint of green and makes for a whole lot of lovely.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty packages

Call me a perfectionist but I like detail. When I was first thinking of making these signs my mind raced all the way to the other end and imagined the receiver opening this special gift. What would it feel like? look like? Was it going to be earthy? modern? feminine? masculine? neutral? hand-made? How about hand rolled translucence with hints of modern earth? I think I like the sound of that, even if it is a little OTT.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Sneek peek

This is the beginnings of a new girls sign I have been working on. Soft mauve background that is textured with little dots, pure silk pink lettering and white spotted tulle pom poms.
I had this silk colour picked to be used with the floral background but it was a little pale - I'm very happy I get to use it here. What do you think?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

For the Girls...

The girls sign features a Japanese floral cotton background and beautiful purple pink linen used for the name and flowers. It also features hand stitching detail. You can meet little Poet over here at Che and Fidel. As I mentioned in the previous post a website is on its way. But if you just cant wait until then to order one, simply send me an email with the name (or word) you would like and I'll be in touch. Each sign is $130 plus postage and takes about 2 weeks. I have also just made an Etsy listing here.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

For the Boys..

After Eulalie's sign was such a success I though I could try making a few more and selling them.
After a bit more development and playing with fabrics (and coming up with a name!) here is the first of two designs available so far. The boys sign uses gorgeous Liberty cotton for the background with denim used for the name and clouds. Both designs feature hand stitching detail.
I am in the process of getting a website up and running which will have an e-shop. But if you just cant wait until then to order one, simply send me an email with the name (or word) you would like and I'll be in touch. Each sign is $130 plus postage and takes about 2 weeks to make. I also have an Etsy listing here. Girls design up next...