Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Numero Uno

Well here goes! I have decided to keep a little blog on the side so I can share what I'm up to and the progress and ideas I'm having. I think it's nice for people to be able to follow the journey from conception and initial ideas through to the finished product and that this is especially true for hand made pieces. So, let me tell you how it started...I went travelling last year around Europe - for 5 months - by bicycle and rode a grand old total of 4500kms! (you can see the blog we wrote here) I cant say I'll be doing any more long distance riding in the near future but I am happy to wheel around on my new upright ladies bike (I'll have to show you what she looks like). Anyway, while we were away my dear friend Claire, was growing a very special little new person who is now the one and only Eulalie bug. She has the wonderful blog oneclaireday. So having just got back (with no job) and this being my dearest and first friend to have a baby, I took it upon myself to give her the perfect present. Easier said than done, I wracked by brain for weeks! There were criteria that needed to be met.
1. Something she wouldn't grow out of: Clothes - Out
2. Not something that gets put away in a draw: Blanket or Jewellery - Out 
3. Not too babyish: I know Claire's style
4. Not a toy
5. Able to be posted
6. Something special
7. Something personal
9. Something Amazing
Oh my God!!! Why do I make things so hard for myself!!???
I finally thought that if I used her name somehow it would fit most of the criteria I'd dreamt up. And then it hit me - a sign, for her room. It could go on the door or above her bassinet, wherever. It could be moved as her room changes (And that would be often as I know what Claire's like!). I had been collecting fabrics and had some beautiful vintage kimono silks and to finish off the back of the sign I used some leftover fabric that had been used on the marmalade favours I'd made for their wedding. It was all falling into place, finally! I wrapped it up nicely and posted it off. Claire said she cried when she opened it. That was never one of my criteria but I was happy that I'd created something so special and unique for her.


  1. Yup, cried a river! It was just so beautiful and thoughtful... the combination of seeing her name on something personalised for the first time and the fabric from our wedding just made me weep. Thanks again Miriam :) x

  2. Beautiful blog Miriam! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Oh- i love this. How wonderful to know the story behind such a wonderful keepsake!

    xo em